Editorial Work: Print and Web

Norwich University

Web Services Consultant
(Remote Position)
August 2019 – Present

Senior Web Editor
(Remote Position)
June 2018 – July 2019

Acting Editor
The Norwich Record
February 2017 – March 2018

Assistant Editor/Features Editor
The Norwich Record
October 2013 – May 2018

Pennsylvania Center for Folklore

Pennsylvania Folklore News
2020 – Present

New Madrid journal of contemporary literature

Managing Editor
2010 – 2011, 2012 – June 2018 (the journal ceased publication)

Assistant Managing Editor
2008 – 2010

The Dog River Crier

Tri-annual publication of the Northfield Historical Society
2016 – 2019

Freelance Editing/Proofreading

One of Us
A Tribute to Frank Michaels Errington
Bloodshot Books, 2020
Editorial Assistant

The Illusion of Leaving
by Jeannette Brown
Texas Review Press, 2020
Copy Editor

The Cost of Doing Business
by Jonathan Ashley
Down & Out Books, 2018 (third printing)
Guest Editor

Out of Mercy
by Jonathan Ashley
Down & Out Books, 2018 (second printing)
Guest Editor

Late Night, Early Morning: Stories
by Allen Wier
University of Tennessee Press, 2017
Copy Editor

Publications International, Ltd.

I worked in the acquisitions department of PIL’s General Books division for a collective total of five years, from 2000 to 2007 (accounting for a two-year hiatus during which I returned to television). In those years, I rose from acquisitions assistant to senior acquisitions editor. It was an interesting time to work in publishing. When I started out, some writers were still submitting manuscripts composed on typewriters (though email had taken hold) and we were more likely to receive giant FedEx boxes of slides from photographers than links to online galleries. At my exit, the industry had made the digital transition, and other changes were afoot that continued to dramatically alter the world of book and magazine publishing.

It’s tough to list all the projects I worked on, but here are a few highlights: